Celebrating 400 years gives us incredible strength to prepare for the future. We wanted to celebrate this anniversary by highlighting the present and projecting ourselves into the future,” explains Xavier Gagey, CEO of Groupe Pochet.

A luxury packaging manufacturer combining a multi-materials know-how in glass, plastic, metal, finishing and beauty accessories, Groupe Pochet today employs 3,700 people on three continents, with the ambition to combine sustainability and luxury packaging.

Decarbonization and control of energy consumption

The French glassmaker plans the electrification of one of the furnaces dedicated to luxury bottles and jars at its Pochet du Courval - Guimerville plant. Scheduled for the end of 2024, this technology shift is part of the company’s global Decarbonation plan, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2033.

To address this objective, Groupe Pochet has also joined forces with French luxury group Chanel and cleantech company Metron to set up in all of its factories - in particular on the Pochet du Courval glassworks site in Guimerville - a digital tool to measure all of its energy consumption in real time.

Metron’s energy management tool allows to monitor all consumptions at the Guimerville plant, with the implementation of a consumption standard per item and per production line. According to Pochet, the new tool has already enabled a 27% gain in the gas consumption of its annealing arches since October 2022.

Recycled, made in France magnets

Groupe Pochet has also partnered for 18 months with French start-up MagREEsource to supply its customers with recycled and made in France magnets.

MagREEsource is developing an innovative technology to recycle magnets sourced in France from the dismantling of wind turbines or electric motors. Groupe Pochet intends to use these responsible magnets into perfume caps.

"Thanks to this innovation, the carbon footprint of magnet will be divided tenfold compared to the same magnet manufactured in Asia", highlights Nicolas Piffault, CSR Director of Groupe Pochet.

For its 400 years anniversary, Groupe Pochet considers its future depends on building meaningful partnerships with its entire ecosystem. “We cannot do everything alone, the group will continue its transformation by opening up to the world,” concludes Xavier Gagey.